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  1. Apple watch Series 2 or later

  2. Clockology Apps

  3. Beta file enabled

To show weather: needs Clockology ++ subscription

How to install Clockology Apps

How to install the watch face ?

  1. After check out, check your email for the download link

  2. Tap "download" to open the pdf file.

  3. Click the watch face link written on the pdf

  4. Download the .clock file

  5. Install

Why I am not receiving any email?

Possible reasons:

* Your email is incorrect. If you write the wrong email, please contact me.​

* Check your spam mail. It might be on your spam mail.

Is it possible to directly message you instead of buying in store? 

Yes, if you are not comfortable using our store or not sure how to buy and use the watch face, you can send me a private message thru my facebook messenger.​

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